Why LinkedIn is your number one job search strategy

I resisted joining up to LinkedIn for several years, seeing it as just another social network that I really didn’t need to join. I’m now a convert and am convinced that this should be your number one strategy for searching for that next job.

Image of blue figures with though bubbles above their heads

Image: jscreationzs / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So, here are five suggestions to get you started:

Complete your profile: you can upload your resume which will speed up this process. The LinkedIn profile builder creates a pretty handy resume, which you can download a PDF copy by clicking on the PDF icon on your profile page. Make sure you write a future focussed profile summary that will grab the attention of potential employers.

Invite your contacts to join you on LinkedIn. If a colleague or former boss change jobs, it is easy to lose contact with them. Using LinkedIn will help you stay in touch. Search LinkedIn for those former supervisors and colleagues who you may need to provide a reference for your next job application.

Join a group: If you are a member of a profession or a student studying at university, joining in some industry / professional body groups will provide you with opportunities to network with new people.

Question and answers: Demonstrate your expertise in your field by answering questions and posting well thought out questions.

Show your work: There are applications you can add to your LinkedIn account to automatically connect your blog or upload presentations to show others’ the quality of your work.

With these five tips, you will quickly start to see the benefits of using LinkedIn to extend your network and open up those hidden job opportunities.