A chaotic approach to integrating ICT into careers practice

The theme for the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) National Conference in Sydney in May 2013 was “leading career development in uncertain times”. Looking over my notes from the sessions that I attended there was also a focus on implementation of information technology and social media in career development practice. I think these two themes are really important as technology at this point in time is driving rapid change in our society in a way that challenges the way we think about communicating with each other; the way businesses make (or lose) money; and even debates over access to information (such as Wikileaks; and the current unfolding story in the USA over government agencies recording and storing electronic communication of its citizens). Continue reading


The ABCD of Career Education in a Crowded University Curriculum

I presented this workshop at the 22nd Career Development Association of Australia Conference in Sydney on 24 May 2013. My workshop explored the use of the Australian Blueprint for Career Development as a framework for informing the design of career programs at the University where I work. You can view the presentation below.